Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Library Website is Finally Up!!

The new library website is finally up! In keeping up with the trends of libraries globally, we feel the need to build a new and dynamic website that has more interesting features and at the same time, simple to use. The new website is comprehensive where we try to put in as much information possible to assist our users.

We arranged the content according to categories to facilitate easy access to information.
From the main page, we can see there are five categories – Library Resources, Information Skills, Library Services, How To, About The Library plus an Ask & Tell Us section.

We have compiled information about the library resources or collections In Library Resources. Here, you can check out our online databases, electronic journals and more.

Learn how to be information literate by surfing our Information Skill section. Here, we have put online tutorials on how to search the library catalogs, how to do proper citation and links to other website that will explain to you how to evaluate websites.

Anything you need to know about our services? Go to Library Services. You will get to know about borrowing service, reference service, intra-library loan and more.

How To will tell you how to go about using the library resources and facilities, like how to renew your book online and how to find a book you need. These are explained step-by-step to ensure your comprehension.

About the Library is the introduction of the library. So, you will be able to know the opening hours, rules, collections, facilities and floor plans of our libraries.

Ask & Tell Us focus on you as the user. Here, you can select a link you need. All the links here connect the user to the library, hence we are making ourselves available to you for any assistance you might need. You can chat with us when you click at Ask A Librarian.

The previously hidden My Account is now presented clearly in the main page, at the top right hand corner. This also emphasizes our service-oriented philosophy.

The Quick Search box is still available in the new main page, just as it was previously, however the design and layout are more prominent. Now, you can also search Google Scholar!

Last but not least, we created this blog so that students as well as staff have an avenue to interact with us. We are looking forward to receive your ideas, suggestions and feedbacks!

Do you know how to use the Self Check Machine to Borrow and Renew books?